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With almost 4 million mobile apps available for download on Google Play alone, it can be difficult to see how you can develop a business mobile app that will stand out. However, as adults spend an average of nearly 4 hours a day using them, mobile apps are not something…

Applications Architecture: Design for The Present and Future

Think of applications architecture as a roadmap, giving teams the best practices they need to follow to create an application that’s well-structured, reliable, efficient, and user friendly. Applications architecture encompasses patterns and techniques that are proven to provide predictable, efficient results that are compliant with business requirements.

Common Applications Architecture Styles

There are many…

The Art and Science of Application Integration

To put it simply, application integration means enabling systems and applications that were built independently of one another to work effortlessly together. When done right, application integration results in new capabilities while boosting efficiency, cutting costs, and revealing new insights.

What Is Application Integration?

Application integration is both an art and a science. It…

6 Brilliant Tips from API Design Experts

As companies continue to realize the value of APIs, the importance of API design can’t be overstated. Overlooking fundamentals like thorough documentation will only lead to an API that’s difficult to use. …

Making the Most of Microservices: Benefits & Considerations

Microservices architecture, often just referred to as microservices, is a software organization approach that revolves around turning applications into a collection of services that are loosely coupled, autonomous, and able to be deployed independently of one another. …

custom software development Aezion way

Meeting deadlines and delivering the Aezion Promise is what distinguishes Aezion custom software development.

Aezion delivers software that makes our clients heroes. The Aezion Promise is that we get it right or we make it right. Period.

Aezion achieves this goal by:

  • Embedding solution architects within the Customer’s current environment…

custom software development

Getting it right. Making it right

The Aezion credo is captured in The Aezion promise: We get it right. We make it right.

Getting it right means (1) investing the effort required to truly understand Customer needs and what success looks like and (2) unambiguously confirming our understanding of Customer needs and success criteria before we…

Top 10 Custom Software Development Project Management Tools

As it said good project management leaves the successful project and proper project management your going to deliver the best projects a small scale project is pretty simple to manage, but things become challenging when more people get involved in project management now this is where project management tools come…

Introduction Natural Language Processing — the application of software systems to examining, interpreting, and accurately responding to speech is viewed as the next big leap in user interface technology. However, human speech is far more complex than most people…


We provide a full range of custom software development services to assist Clients with solutions to their most important business and operational challenges.

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